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How To Backup Blogger Template - Google has made changes to the interface of their services, including the Blogger as a blog platform. If you're familiar with the old interface, you might feel confused with new Blogger dashboard interface. One of them is menu to backup / restore blogger template being used.

How To Backup Blogger Template?

Why you should backup your blogger template? You certainly do not want to have a blog with a standard view or even worse. To beautify and add new features into your blogger template, you must edit the template being used. Errors in the editing process would be fatal to your blog. This is where the importance of backing up your blogger template before editing process begins.

The following tutorial will explain how to backup the blogger template in simple steps. Any image that presented in this tutorial is intended to simplify you to understand each step you should do.

Steps on How To Backup Blogger Template

  1. All you have to do is log in and go to your blog dashboard.
  2. Select the "Templates" menu that is on the left dashboard of your blog. You'll see your dashboard display as shown below.
  3. Click on the Backup / Restore button located at the top right corner on your blogger dashboard. A pop up will appear like the following picture.
  4. Click on Download Full Template button, and your template will be automatically downloaded to your hard drive with an XML file format.
If you get trouble when editing a template, then the XML file you've downloaded will help you. You only need to restore your blogger template. Hopefully this tutorial "how to backup blogger template" will assist you in understanding the basis of the blogger template.

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